Minerva’s Restaurant and Bar

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Welcome to the very first post on our bread basket blog! Why have a bread basket blog you ask? But really, why are you even asking? Obviously a blog dedicated to reviewing breads, butters and more has been needed for years, and it seemed like the time to start.

We will travel the globe (starting here in our own town) and  break bread with our family and friends to find the best and worst of pre-meal breads. A dry baguette? No! A cornbread basket? Yes! A seasoned butter? Of course! A hard butter packet? A travesty!

Plus, you might find a post or two about our favorite bread puddings, butter options, blind taste tests, farmer’s markets, and more. Hey, we will see where it goes and (buttered) roll with it.

If you have a hot tip on a basket you think we should check out, email us at bringusbread@gmail.com.

Minerva’s Restaurant and Bar
Traverse City, MI


  • Two bread choices provided, what we identified as white and multigrain.
  • Bread was very soft.
  • Had a nice crust.


  • Soft butter! Nothing better!



Not great. When asked for more, the waitress brought two pieces on a plate to refill. Bread did come out promptly after sitting down, and there was enough to feed our large party (20). 

RATING (out of five)

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