The Towne Plaza

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Our second go at bread basketing started out less successful than our first, but ended on a decidedly “pleasant” note. We began our evening with a heavy discussion of where to go next — with a post on the line, we needed guaranteed bread. We decided on Apache Trout Grill thinking that maybe the summer rush was over, but after a lovely discussion with their angsty hostess and finding out about the two-hour wait, we left. Next, we called Bistro FouFou to see if perhaps they had a pre-dinner bread service and we were told no. Little did we know that later in the night, we’d get a hot buttered tip on their surprisingly good hunk of bread and butter from a fan — what gives FouFou? Maybe we’ll circle back to you.

Luckily we did end up at one of our favorite brunch spots — The Towne Plaza — or as we call it “The Pig Place.” Although they were still lacking in the bacon ketchup department (seriously, please just make more), the bread was worth the trip and our carb-filled dinner was amazing as usual.

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The Towne Plaza
Traverse City, MI


  • Locally sourced from Pleasanton Bakery.  I’m gonna guess and say that it was their Golden Wheat.
  • Great crust.
  • Served warm.
  • Hearty slices.


  • Perfect amount of softness.
  • Perfect amount of salt.
  • Highly spreadable.



These people are on top of their refills.  We showed up, had great service, got the bread, ate it, and immediately got more. AND the basket was more full than the first time. They knew we weren’t messing around.

RATING (out of five)

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  1. trey says:

    it’s nice to know that that you can eat some quality bread while you’re getting porked (that’s what i call eating more than one pork dishes at the pig place).

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