Amical & a Special Guest Submission!


Confession: this is not our first time at the rodeo. Since one or both of us eat at Amical every other day, it was only a matter of time until we reviewed the bread, and sure, it’s not a basket, but don’t hold that against us. The best news? This is only one of THREE choices of bread depending on time of day — brunch, lunch, dinner! So have no fear, Amical reviews will be back.


Traverse City, MI


  • Doughy goodness. I mean who wants a hard breadstick?
  • Topped with BUTTER!, garlic, and–I quote a staff member–“other stuff.” For the record, said “other stuff” is delicious.
  • This batch was a little heavy on the garlic–in a good way.
  • Highly dippable (see photo below).




  • Pre-butter + additional butter = happy butter lover.
  • Butter packets. Incongruous with the sophisticated surroundings and excellent service.
  • Well, at least they weren’t cold.
  • Packet to breadstick ratio was insufficient.



No need to even ask. When you have that look on your face, they just know. They brought us six sticks, I repeat six sticks, from the start. That’s three full breadsticks per person (would have been two, but we had our gluten-free bread beard with us)!

RATING (out of five)




AND NOW!  A Special Guest Submission from NYC!

Max is in New York City and lovin’ some big apple breads! He sent in an rye-witness report from Park Avenue Summer. He says “The bread is warm, the butter is warm and soft, and it came with a little salt on the side!” — sounds like a real winner to us! Look at that variety, and you have to love the little sheet telling you what you are about to enjoy.

photo 1 photo 2

RATING (out of five)


One Comment Add yours

  1. Betsy Emdin says:

    I’m ravenous at the moment and could almost eat the screen that Park Ave. bread looks so good. (Fortunately headed to Georgina’s in an hour.)

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