Farmer’s Market #1 – Breakfast Breads on the Beach


We visited the Farmer’s Market this Saturday and had a great time buying just about all the bread they had. While this is our first foray into reviewing purchased bread, we can promise you that we won’t forget our bread basket roots. We thought it was also important to highlight the other exciting things happening in the world of local bread and we feel fortunate to have such a bounty at our fingertips. We have a few days of reviews ahead of us, we’ve just scraped the top of our pile with this post. Stay tuned for more local bread, cheese, and butter.

The Farmer’s Market is always busy this time of year, but we kept our stomachs on the prize as we waded through the craziness to get a croissant from 9 Bean Rows and a cinnamon roll from Old Mission Multigrain to enjoy in the summer sun.


Sara Hardy Farmer’s Market
Traverse City, MI


  • Quite possibly one of the best croissants we’ve ever consumed (and that’s saying something).
  • Flaky and buttery without being greasy. Gorgeous and delicious crisp crust.
  • It was as if you could taste the love (and butter) in each individual laminated layer as they melted into one in your mouth.
  • Solid use of cinnamon in the roll. As a cinnamon lover, I am pleased to say it embraced all the spice offers.
  • Unexpected hearty grains provided an excellent texture and contrast to the frosting and sweet filling.
  • We can see just why they call it the “CinnFull Pleasure” and to top it all off, it was still slightly warm!


  • No additional butter or spreads necessary for the croissant. It oozed buttery goodness in its simplicity.
  • Cream cheese frosting was fabulous, spread very nicely, and melted perfectly in the warm sun.
  • Perfect amount of sweetness without being too sweet.


RATING (out of five)




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Katie says:

    I WANT that croissant. And, well, your entire table of goodies. #morereasonstocomehomesoon (p.s. – If you want any more NYC guest bread blogs, let me know! Definitely one of my favorite foods :))

  2. Betsy Emdin says:

    You should try the croissants in Buenos Aires! Medialunes Lunas? Need the expertise of Brynn Lynch. Halfmoons. They are ubiquitous there–even at McDonald’s McCafe.

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