Farmer’s Market #2 – The Return of Breakfast Breads


Cinnamon Crunch Coffee Cake from Bay Bread Co.

Our cupboards were still brimming with bready goodness from our trip to the farmer’s market, so for breakfast the next day we had not one, but two ways to start the day on a carb-orific note. The Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake from Bay Bread was a delicious appetizer to the French toast we made from Old Mission Multigrain’s Bunnies BFF.

Bunnies BFF from Old MIssion Multigrain.


Sara Hardy Farmer’s Market
Traverse City, MI


  • We recommend warming up your slice of coffee cake. The cinnamon swirl really pops.
  • Braiding technique makes for great distribution of filling. Unusual form for a “coffee cake.”
  • Not enough streusel. Basically rendering a third of the loaf inedible — well not our first pick for a slice anyway.
  • Bunnies BFF was like eating healthy yet delicious carrot cake, so naturally we decided to cancel out any nutrients by turning it into French toast.
  • Unfortunately our French toast turned out pretty gross, but that was in no way the bread’s fault. Still getting used to a new kitchen (and way too fancy stove and pans).


  • Decadent cream cheese frosting! Love that it came on the side. You can control how much you want…for us, a lot.
  • Rich and creamy with a hint of tartness to cut down the sweetness.
  • Syrup and butter makes everything better — even poorly executed French toast.

RATING (out of five)

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