Traveling Bread – Zingerman’s visits TC!


Our gluten-free bread beard brought us some delicious treats from Zingerman’s following a birthday trip to Ann Arbor. What’s a bread beard you ask? A bread beard is the best type of beard, no need to feel guilty about that second piece of cake, extra helping of bread pudding, no, none of that. The bread beard can’t eat gluten, but she can easily accept that extra helping and pass it along, thus shielding you from that carbo-hating-second-helping glare. 

Zingerman’s is obviously amazing, no doubt about it. So when we went into our office one morning and discovered a bag full of delicious rolls of all flavors and sizes, needless to say, we were quite enthused. We did put off eating them for a couple of days due to our extremely high fashion bread photoshoot for an upcoming article. They played quite nicely with the local breads.


Ann Arbor, MI


  • The brioche with butter was like eating lobster with fresh drawn butter, it melted in your mouth and tasted salty and sweet.
  • The onion roll was savory without leaving your mouth feeling smelly and gross.
  • The chosen variety was amazing — onion, butter,  sourdough, dense, light.
  • You could really taste the high quality ingredients Zingerman’s is known for.
  • We hope to enjoy some of their additional bread offerings (such as the chocolate–yes, chocolate–sourdough) very soon.


  • We used our butter from the Shetler Family Dairy that we picked up at the Farmer’s Market to add to the deliciousness, melted ever so slightly.

RATING (out of five)ZingermanBreads

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