Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen

     breadbasketpearlsWe knew that once we mastered Stella we had to head to Pearl’s. We’d had many incredible bread experiences in Cajunville in the past and had to go back to review. Thankfully we got there early (because we at the retirement hour) and didn’t have to wait in the always worth it, but very long line.

Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen
Elk Rapids, MI



  • Two types of bread: French bread and jalapeno cheddar cornbread. Variety is always a plus.
  • Both served warm — really the only way to go.
  • We were split on our favorite of the two choices.
  • The French bread is perfectly soft  and always taste like it is fresh out of the oven (’cause it is!).
  • A nice crisp bite leads into the delectably doughy center.
  • The cornbread is the perfect crumblyness to eat in the delicious soups and sauces they serve. Greatly reccommended in the chowder.


  • Fluffy (practically whipped) butter.
  • Served in those great little white cups (we love those cups) with a shabby chic and rounded presentation.
  • Generous portion.


We were able to get our second basket with no problem and no judgements. Our waitress recognized that the bread is quite a draw at the restaurant. We were practically moved to tears though when we witnessed something truly undough-lievable. Our waitress told a nearby table that the bread was still cooking in the oven so there would be a delay…but to tide them over she brought out complimentary samples of Pearl’s incredibly delicious Crawfish & Corn Chowder. Talk about amazing service!


RATING (out of five)


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