A Trip to Copper Falls


We will never think of the Cherryland Center mall parking lot in the same way. Yep, that’s right. Hidden amongst reasonably priced footwear and bath gels lies a sophisticated steakhouse that surprised us in every way. Having driven by a few times, mistakenly thinking it was called “Golden Showers,” we thought we’d go out on a limb and try out Copper Falls Steakhouse. It’s that time in the bread blogging when we branch out from the norm. The atmosphere was something not out of TC and they even built an outdoor waterfall-scape transporting you to a not-in-a-parking-lot place.

Copper Falls Steakhouse
Traverse City, MI






  • Two varieties: mini cheddar biscuits and pull apart rolls.
  • It seems as though having only one bread choice is becoming passé.
  • While the mini biscuits were adorable — the small size came with big price. They were not the softest and didn’t have enough of a fat component to them (Needed more butter, lard…something. We’re talking biscuits here).
  • The pull apart rolls brought a bit of a fun factor to the basket. Plus they were warm, soft, and went exceptionally well with the accompaniments.


  • Both butter and olive oil. Everyone’s happy.
  • A delightful oil and herb mix. No oily residue taste, allowing the garlic and herbs to shine.
  • But the butter. The BUTTER! Definitely one of — if not the — best butter we’ve come across in our bread basketing.
  • A very generous portion of heavenly, well-salted, butter fluff.


Well, since we also had an assistant server (ala Red Ginger) who was basically tasked with just refilling our water and bringing us bread, let’s just say we were offered a THIRD! refill.  Unfortunately, while the bread was refilled, the butter was not. 😦 

RATING (out of five)


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