Back in Action at Aerie & an Amical Update


We took an unplanned hiatus due to some travel and scheduling conflicts, but we’re back and in action. Plus, we had to gather more ideas and put even more future breading on our schedule.

Have No Fear!
On our break we still caused some shift in the bread world. Amical has now updated their lunchtime butter packets to fresh whipped butter! We’re proud to be part of that change, although from what we hear the kitchen staff is not as excited. But, it’s all for you, our fellow bread lovers! It’s there now, so go enjoy! Changing bread baskets one restaurant at a time.

The Real Important Stuff
We drove out to Aerie at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa to watch the sunset from its truly outstanding view and enjoy a different scene than usual. We even got asked if we were twins (unusual) so we settled for telling them we were sisters (usual) to cause less confusion. “Wow, you  must get that a lot.”

Aerie Restaurant and Lounge
Traverse City, MI




  • Two varieties: Asiago Cheese and Cherry Nut.
  • Two breads are always better than one, although one almost always stands out over the other.
  • The Asiago was a little too crumbly and lacked a real flavor punch, but was a perfect vehicle for the exotic oils.
  • The Cherry Nut was our favorite — delicious dried cherries in a hearty dark bread. A perfect taste of TC.


  • Oil from Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars. Always the best. TC Pride!
  • They do different pairings daily, weekly, monthly? Who knows but it has been different each time we’ve dined.
  • A pairing of Lavender Balsamic Vinegar and Tuscan Herb Olive Oil was unexpected yet delicious.
  • We always appreciate a good vinegar pairing over plain (or even flavored) olive oil.
  • This pairing was much better than the last, which included Chipotle and wasn’t right for the cherry bread.
  • It was hard to stop from just helping ourselves to the incredible oil bar (see image below).



They did a great job with refills, although we probably ate too much, as usual, before our dinners came — which was delicious by the way. The waiter was lovely and even remembered us from a previous meal!

RATING (out of five)


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