Pepe Nero Underground Bread #2


We returned to the halls of Building 50 to sample another renowned bread. A local media mogul (who shall not be named) gave our boss a hot tip that this was the best bread in Traverse City, so with that recommendation we simply had to go check it out. One lunch break later, we’ve got ourselves a review.

Pepe Nero

Traverse City, MI




  • We waited a bit for the bread, but we literally saw our waitress bring it right out of the oven — worth it!
  • Great crust, nicely herb seasoned topping with excellent use of sea salt.
  • Squishy, soft, warm, and well-portioned. Good crust without being overly crusty — we may need to invent the term crusty-soft.


  • Nothing! There wasn’t even a bread plate. AND we had to ask for oil.
  • Without plates, we were thankful we weren’t in mixed company, or it could’ve gotten really awkward with bread placement.
  • While the bread was quite tasty and stood on its own, it really would’ve shined with proper accompaniments. Major pointage deduction.


Hard to say.  There was a small crowd (one other table of two) in the restaurant and we got our food almost immediately after the bread. That being said, if we had asked for more, I think our attentive waitress would’ve been more than happy to oblige.

RATING (out of five)


Extra tip — the deserts were quite delicious and we would recommend sampling what they have to offer!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

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