North Peak Bread Board


For us, North Peak is the go-to for a quick after work meal. A TC-staple, North Peak has gone through some great renovations and upgrades over the past couple of years. In the summer, it’s a great place to meet friends on the patio for some music and sun. And in the winter, cozy up with the wood fires and eat all the mustard-pretzel crusted things you want.

North Peak Brewing Company
Traverse City, MI




  • Fun presentation with the individual loaf and  the carving board with big knife.
  • But with a cut-your-own-slice setup, a less than delicate touch (which  one of us has) leads to some bread manhandling and squishing.
  • Warm wheat bread with a nice crust ratio and actual grains. It’s gotta be healthy, right?
  • A strong nutty taste that works very well with the butter.
  • If we were a beer connoisseurs, we imagine it would go quite well with their craft brews.


  • Incredibly fluffy whipped butter. It’s like extra-whipped and spreads like a dream. Definitely the best part of this bread board.
  • Would love to see them do seasonal butter flavorings, but what they offer now more than stands on its own.


We come to North Peak pretty frequently and depending on what we order, we sometimes don’t even get a bread board. We have to assume it comes with an entrée, and not to a table ordering three sandwiches. Also with it being such a large setup with the carving knife,  board, and whatnot, it does feel slightly more awkward to ask for additional bread. While more bread has happened, it isn’t consistent. However, it’s heartiness does make it less necessary for seconds.

RATING (out of five)

3.75 Happy Breads!


Extra tip — the various breads used on their great lineup of sandwiches are quite tasty too. The bread the chicken sandwich comes on is delicious!

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