The Cooks’ House Amuse-Bouche

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This was our very first dining experience at The Cooks’ House . You might be asking yourself what took us so long. Well, while we had been to the restaurant in its more casual incarnation on Front Street, its Wellington location has always been shrouded in an air of intrigue and mystery. Are we cool enough to get a table? How far in advance do we need to make reservations? Luckily enough we were able to snag a table at this City treasure on fairly short notice and found our fears of not fitting in unfounded. Plus we discovered some pretty great bread that more than lived up to the restaurant’s impeccable reputation. 

The Cooks’ House
Traverse City, MI

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    • Pleasanton Bakery‘s Tomato Parmesan Bread (We’ve encountered so many of our favs from Pleasanton!)
    • Rich tomato flavor and an excellent crust
    • Served at room temperature (aka not warm!) — but served to us using tongs so there’s something.
    • BONUS! “Compliments of the Chef” toasted Old Mission Multigrain.
    • This bread was so well toasted there are simply no words. We think it might have been broiled, but it was like it was air toasted — it just came into the ether perfectly done and then proceeded to melt in your mouth.
    • Excellent use of local bakeries.

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  • The butter was waiting for us at the table when we sat down with three lovely pats (the exact size of our party!). Bread service is a clear priority.
  • The butter was soft and at room temperature and was also topped with a dusting of sea salt. While we couldn’t tell if it was a specific flavor of sea salt, still a very, very classy and much appreciated touch.
  • To top it all off we each received a bread plate and our own fancy butter knife.
  • BONUS! Pork Rillette — it was perfectly salty and flavored it complimented the toasted bread perfectly.

photo 3 (1)


We would have to say not high. The first bread was individually plated on our bread plate by restaurant staff using tongs and we were not offered a second round. And to ask for seconds on the bonus amuse-bouche would be downright vulgar.  So while the likeliness was low, it does seem to be a fair tradeoff for such a fine dining experience.

RATING (out of five)
4.5 Happy Breads!


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