We’re Back! And expanding our criticism.


Well, we’ve decided that after two quiet years we’d come back and start bitching about bread again. This isn’t to say we haven’t been enjoying a carb filled lifestyle like Oprah during our hiatus (cause you KNOW we have). But like some of our other projects that we’ve gone quickly and all-in for, you do it for fun, and if it gets in the way you move on until the time is right again.

And it looks like that time is finally here — both the world of food and the culinary scene here in Traverse City have been expanding before our eyes, and we can’t stop giving everyone our opinion, so we’re gonna leave it here in our humble blog for all to read.

We’re expanding our criticisms to encompass more of what bread and carbs have to offer beyond complimentary bread baskets. So get ready for pretzels, buns, sweet rolls, and more, all in their ever-changing forms.

So, we’ll see you around, eating at your restaurants, iPhone photographing our food like the silly Millennials that we are, and shoving bread into our faces. We love you. We love bread.

And to start it all off, read about our joyful and delicious trip to Village Cheese Shanty.


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