Village Cheese Shanty Pretzel Bread

We thought a great kick off to this reboot would be the perfect marriage of all things holy: pretzels and bread. Just as we welcome the first day of fall, we must prepare our goodbyes to the final days of salty goodness in the sunshine. Seriously, the Village Cheese Shanty will close for the season October 21 and then begins the interminable wait until their reopening in April! 5 MONTHS LATER! So if we’ve done our job and you’re longing for pretzel bread by blog post’s end, get there ASAP. (Or if you have any insight into how pretzel bread freezes for unexpected cravings this winter, let us know. K thanks, bye.)

Village Cheese Shanty
Leland, MI



  • Baked fresh daily, the Village Cheese Shanty’s pretzel bread is the stuff of legend. Get there early or call ahead to ensure they don’t run out!
  • It seems as though they have increased pretzel bread production due to its popularity, so it rarely runs out as it used to. But don’t worry, quality has not suffered.
  • This is pretzel bread like you’ve never experienced before. It doesn’t go overboard on the “pretzel”  component and retains its essential breadness (yeah, it’s a word). There’s salt and such like pretzels you’re familiar with, but this has a unique flavor truly all its own.
  • Exquisitely soft, but with a bit of a chew to it.  The texture is firm, yet yielding.
  • It has a rugged crust that will definitely take off your lipstick – even that all day Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick I wish she would send me free samples of. I’m totally willing to test it’s sustainability against all types of carbs.
  • Perfectly salted. Not too much. Not too little. A coarse, yet delicate grain.



  • This bread alone is worth the drive to Leland, but that it is paired with such amazing sandwich offerings featuring inventive spreads, high-quality meats, fresh vegetables, and artisanal cheese makes it all the more difficult to keep us away when the Shanty is open April – October.
  • We highly recommend the pretzel bread on our favorite sandwich,  the North Shore (Turkey, Bacon, Swiss, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber and Herb-Mayo). Susan enjoys the Herb-Mayo, while Meg substitutes in guacamole. And unlike at Chipotle, guac is NOT extra.
  • When you go to the Village Cheese Shanty as much as we do you may think, oh I want to try one of the sandwiches on the baguette or the pita this time. But your instincts are wrong. Do yourself a favor and just stick with the pretzel bread.
  • Pro Tip: Any sandwich can be made with pretzel bread. You need only ask.
  • There is no better deal than the $9.25 bag lunch (sandwich, pickle, cookie chips or cole slaw, and a drink).


Likeliness for Refills

No refills here. This is a counter service, no nonsense affair where you better be ready with your order. People have been known to panic Soup-Nazi style (Medium Turkey Chili) and the line is often out the door – you need to give the cashier your order in the format he or she asks.

Make it a bag lunch and enjoy your pretzel bread al fresco right outside the Shanty in historic Fishtown or hit the road to enjoy it in one of Leelanau county’s scenic vistas. And remember to bring cash, cards are not accepted. The likeliness you’ll be back? Even money.

RATING (out of five)

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